Business Loan Application

Business Loan Application

Application for Financing

The Application Process

Applicant submits:
1) Business Plan
2) Cash Flow Projection
3) Business Loan Application
4) Picture Identification
5) Personal resume
6) Financial Statements (if an existing business) and personal tax returns for last 3 years, including current year.
7) If an incorporated company, a complete copy of the minute book. On-line incorporations won’t be accepted.
8) Proof of registration/insurance for vehicles and recreational items listed as security
9) Business Registration Documentation and Business Identification Number (if an existing business)
10) $150 Application Fee


Review by staff;
Telephone or office appointment for discussion of any points arising out of information submitted;
Presentation of the application package to the Loan Committee for review, usually within 3 weeks of submission;
If approved, Offer of Financing given to applicant for signature;
Legal work and security procedures;
Funds made available to applicant once all pre-disbursement conditions are met and all required documentation is on file.

Loan Information
Maximum loan size $150,000 for expansion, business purchase, or start-up (subject to available funds).
Interest rates at prime plus a risk premium
Flexible repayment terms
No prepayment penalty
Possibility of additional funding up to $500,000 available (Some restrictions apply)

Specific financing criteria must be met including:
Employment creation or maintenance for predominantly local residents;
Location of the business in the Shuswap area;
Reasonable personal financial investment;
Ability to repay;
Future economic viability of the business;
Competent management;
Adequate security for the venture.

*There is a $150 non-refundable application fee, due when the loan application is submitted. Applicants who are successful in getting a loan will be responsible for legal costs. These fees will be deducted from the monies that are disbursed (see back page).

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